Oil Products I love

I know, you get started with oils and you feel like you have to throw away your old ways….. my best advice to you is take it slow, or at a pace that is comfortable for you!

Here are some Amazon supplies I love!  I’ll update and my plan is to make various lists for you!   Click image to view.



Shopping list is made via kit.com and contains affiliate links, which means I can earn a few cents on your purchase! yay!


Buenas Vibras

A buenos vibras, or, good vibes spray is a perfect addition to your workspace, purse or bed side.   In a moment of stress or a moment where you need support to push through a mental block, exhaustion or just for a pick me up, spray yourself and area with your mist and enjoy the aroma!

The best part is you can customize the blend to your likings.  But if you need inspiration try:

  • 10 drops Peace
  • 5 drops Vetiver
  • 3tbls of alcohol
  • top off container with water